Welcome to Hearing God!

This winter session, all our Life Groups will be reading the book Hearing God by Dallas Willard as our companion volume to go along with our weekend teaching series: Hearing God. . .  Discerning His Voice. On this page you will find all the weekend messages, note sheets, LG studies, LG reading assignment, and any other resources you will need for your Life Group.

Learning to hear and discern God’s voice is one of the most important spiritual skills we need to grow, be transformed, and discover God’s purpose for our lives. As Pastor Mark Batterson writes in his book, Whisper, “Learning how to hear the voice of God is the solution to a thousand problems! It’s also the key to discovering our destiny and fulfilling our potential.” Join us for this new series as we search the Scriptures to discover how God speaks to us today–and how to listen and follow when he does.

Weekly Study

Week 1

Week of January 21

Hearing God – Pages 17-21; 26b-32a; 76b-81a; 142

Download Reading (Click Here)

Week 2

Week of January 28

Hearing God – Pages 32b-35, 89b-90a, 103, 274b-276a

Download Reading (Click Here)

Week 3

Week of February 4

Hearing God – Pages 51b-53a; 90b-94a

Week 4

Week of February 11

Hearing God – Pages 44b-46a, 184b-188a, 209b-215a, 237b-240

Week 5

Week of February 18

A Simple Guide to Experience Miracles by JP Moreland – Chapter 7, pages 147-181

Week 6

Week of February 25

Hearing God – Pages 114-116a, 118b-120, 130b-131a, 133b-138a, 144b-150a

Week 7

Week of March 3

Hearing God – Pages 217-221a, 232b-237

Week 8

Week of March 10

Hearing God by Dallas Willard: pages 221b-232a
The Perfect Will of God by G. Campbell Morgan (PDF)

Additional Reading PDF (Click here)

Week 9

Week of March 17

Hearing God by Dallas Willard: pages 276b-280
Bible Study Methods by Rick Warren (PDF attached to study)

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