Pastor Michael has led eight trips to Israel over the past six years. The early church father, Jerome, once described Israel as “the fifth gospel,” and once you’ve been there, you’ll know why, and you’ll never read your Bible the same way! The tour combines pre-trip learning with on-site adventures, keeping you closer to the unspoiled land, and farther from gaudy churches and tourist traps. These trips do require a fair amount of hiking, so you can experience the land—the mountains, valleys, rivers, seas, and deserts of Israel.

No upcoming trips have been announced. If you have any questions, you can contact Mali at mgalloway@rockypeak.org!

2019 Israel Vlogs

Pastor Michael keeps us updated throughout the entire tour.
Click below to see some of his greetings from various locations!

Tel Azekah

Wilderness of Zin

Mount of Olives

the view
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