NEXT TOUR: March 16-27, 2025

Dear Rocky Peak,

Next spring, I am leading my ninth study tour to Israel, and these trips have truly been life-changing for those who have gone! The early church father, Jerome, once described Israel as “the fifth gospel,” and once you’ve been there, you’ll know why, and you’ll never read your Bible the same way!

Over twenty-five years ago, Lin and I went on our first two tours of Israel, but after those experiences, I wanted to design a tour that was more adventurous, closer to the land, more authentic, and one that led to greater life change. These trips we’ve taken to Israel over the last six years are the fulfillment of that dream!

They combine pre-trip learning with on-site adventures, keep us closer to the unspoiled land, and farther from gaudy churches and tourist traps. We go places most tours do not go, and we see things most tours do not see. These trips do require a fair amount of hiking, so we can experience the land–the mountains, valleys, rivers, seas, and deserts of Israel.

I hope you can join us on our next tour!

In Him,
Pastor Michael

The Israel 2025 trip is currently full.

For more information or to register for the waitlist, contact Mali at

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