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Scuba: Kids Camp 2024

Monday, July 8 – Friday, July 12 • 830am–12pm

Kids Camp is a week-long program that serves as a chance for Elementary aged children to encounter God with less distractions. It is an opportunity for kids to grow closer to the Lord, experience His presence, learn more of His truth, and have fellowship with their peers. Kids will engage in small groups called crews that will travel to different venues throughout the day all focused on one daily truth.

Practicing Spiritual Disciplines with your Family

By helping our children establish a healthy spiritual rhythm, we equip them for their journey as they become more and more of who God created them to be.

Volunteering With RPK

It takes hundreds of adult and teen volunteers to serve our children at RPK every weekend. Here at RPK we go beyond caring for kids – we minister to them weekly and help their development as young, passionate Christ-followers. Please consider being one of the many volunteers that help make this happen. Most volunteers serve at one service, every other week. If you are interested and would like more information, please email us at rpk@rockypeak.org or fill out our application below.

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Faith Milestones at RPK

Looking for more ways to learn about biblical parenting and partnering in your child's growing faith? Check out our resources for each stage of their faith journey below!

Salvation Guide

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Many believers make the decision to follow Jesus as a child or teenager. That is why so many of our weekend service baptisms feature kids following Jesus in this important step of faith. We want every child being baptized to truly understand their decision to follow Jesus and to be baptized. To ensure kids are ready for baptism and to help families lead their kids in their spiritual journey, we ask that after expressing interest a child participates in a scheduled baptism interview with an RPK team member. We LOVE seeing kids taking this big step in their faith and we look forward to celebrating your child’s baptism with you!

How old does my child need to be? Every child is unique and may come to understand the Gospel at different ages. Although we are open to exceptions, we generally offer baptism classes for kids 8 years of age and older.

How do I know if my child is ready? That’s a great question and this is precisely why we offer a Baptism interview. Knowing if your child is ready should be clear after the interview. Our salvation guide for families will help you start the conversation with simple and meaningful basics about Jesus and faith.

How do I schedule a Baptism Interview? Email baptism@rockypeak.org to be put on a contact list to receive updates and the most current baptism dates. Your information will be sent to RPK and a member of the team will reach out to you to schedule an interview.

Questions or need more info? Please reach out to our Elementary Coordinator Amanda McDaniel at amcdaniel@rockypeak.org to connect. We are excited to partner with your family in your child’s faith milestones!

Child Dedication

One of the best ways to prioritize faith for your child is through Child Dedication. Child Dedication is actually the first major faith milestone for kids at Rocky Peak and it gives parents the opportunity to pause and intentionally prioritize some things in regard to their kids. For parents to have a full understanding and context regarding the important role they play within the dedication, parents are required to complete an online registration form and attend a dedication orientation before signing up for an upcoming Dedication Celebration.

Is this the same thing as baptism? The Church at Rocky Peak does not offer infant baptism as we believe that a child must be old enough to understand what it means to put his/her faith in Christ before he/she can be baptized.

How young does my child need to be? We usually dedicate children who are three years old or younger. However, we often have unique circumstances where a parent wants to dedicate older children to the Lord. Ultimately, Child Dedication has a major emphasis on a parent’s commitment to spiritually leading their children, regardless of their age.

Who needs to attend the class? We offer 2 to 3 Orientations a year that are scheduled before Child Dedications to give parents a few options. We ask that both parents attend the class. Your child does not need to attend.

What if I have attended the orientation before? We have recently revamped our Child Dedication Orientation, so even if you have attended a Child Dedication Class for a previous child, at this point we are asking that each family attend our updated Orientation.

Can friends/family participate? Yes! We believe that Child Dedication is best experienced surrounded by a circle of friends and family who will support you and your child in the coming years.

How do I register for Child Dedication?  Register for the orientation by clicking the link on our Rocky Peak Kids page or by emailing us at rpk@rockypeak.org and we’ll send you the link to sign up.

Questions or need more info? Please reach out to our RPK Jr. Coordinator Kellie Ann Williams at kwilliams@rockypeak.org to connect. We are excited to partner with your family as your child takes this next step of faith.

We Love Kids at Rocky Peak

Our goal for our Kids Ministry is to raise up a movement of young, passionate Christ-followers by teaching them what it means to follow Jesus. By attending our weekend services, special events, and camps, your child will learn about Jesus and know that they are loved by Him!

Nursery – 2 Years

Our goal for this age group is to provide a safe environment where our little ones are loved and prayed for. We also begin teaching them about God and how much they are loved by Him.

3 Years – Kindergarten

Each child in this age group will begin the service in a room specific to their age. They will spend the first part of service enjoying a time of open play. Our volunteers will spend intentional time with them, getting to know them, and modeling Christ’s love for them. Then, all of our 3’s through Kinder kids will come together for our large group time with a live worship leader and a lesson taught by one of our amazing storytellers. Afterwards, they will return to their room for their small groups where they will discuss the lesson with their leaders and peers. In addition, they will also complete arts and crafts that pertain to the lesson.

1st-5th Grade

This group starts in their grade specific rooms where they engage with their small groups and get prepared for the lesson of the week. Then they travel together by grade to our program room for a time of worship and large group teaching. Here they are taught a biblically based lesson where the Word of God comes to life in a way they can understand. Afterwards, each grade goes back to their designated room where they break off into small groups. Their leaders will guide them in a time of prayer, discussion, and activities based on the lesson. This is where our kids can ask questions and grow in their understanding of the Word. It is also where they will build strong relationships with their friends and leaders.

RPK Online Services

Hey families! RPK is proud to present an online version of our weekend services for your kids to enjoy if you missed us for any reason. You can check out the online content at the link below!

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