Homeschooling Panel

Thursday, August 6 at 7pm

To our Rocky Peak families with school aged kids, we know how difficult it’s been trying to plan for school in the fall. Many of us are trying to decide on the best options for our family, and some are exploring the idea of homeschooling for the first time. If you have never done homeschooling before, figuring it out can feel overwhelming!

As a church, we’d like to come alongside and support you on this. We will be live-streaming a special panel on Thursday, August 6 at 7pm with several Rocky Peak “veteran” homeschool parents. You will have the opportunity to hear their journey, gain a better understanding of what homeschool is (and isn’t), and have some very important questions answered like:

  • What is required to start homeschooling?
  • If I homeschool for a grade, how easy is it to get my student back into public school?
  • How difficult is it to homeschool children in different grades?
  • How do I find a curriculum?
  • How do state funds support alternate education (i.e. how much will this cost me)?
This panel is intended to cover the big picture of homeschool and guide you through the initial steps. Depending on response, in the following months we will be hosting Zoom meetings that take a deeper dive into different topics to support families as we adjust to education at home.

Our hope is that after this discussion you will have great information to help you determine the best option for you and your family. We hope you will join us online for this special event.

RPK Online Services

Hey families! RPK is proud to present an online version of our services for your kids to enjoy until we are able to reopen. In this video, Caleb explains all that our team has in store for the coming weeks, and how you can continue to raise them up as young passionate Christ-followers.

We Love Kids at Rocky Peak

Our goal for our Kids Ministry is to raise up a movement of young passionate Christ-followers by teaching them what it means to follow Jesus. By attending our weekend services, special events, and camps, your child will learn about Jesus and know that they are loved by him!

Nursery – 2 Years

Our goal for this age group is to provide a safe environment where our little ones are loved and prayed for. We also begin teaching them about God and how much they are loved by him.

3 Years – Kindergarten

Each child in this age group will begin the service in a room specific to their age. They will spend the first part of service enjoying a time of open play. Our volunteers will spend intentional time with them, getting to know them, and modeling Christ’s love for them. Then, all of our 3’s through Kinder kids will come together for our large group time with a live worship leader and a lesson taught by one of our amazing storytellers. Afterwards, they will return to their room for their small groups where they will discuss the lesson with their leaders and peers and complete arts and crafts that pertain to the lesson.

1st-5th Grade

This class begins in our dynamic large group environment where the kids get to spend a few minutes interacting with their peers and volunteers. Then they come together for a time of engaging worship. They are then taught a biblically-based lesson where the Word of God comes to life in a way they can understand. Afterwards, each grade goes to their designated room where they break off into small groups. Their leaders will lead them in a time of prayer, discussion and activities based on the lesson. This is where our kids will ask questions and grow in their understanding of the Word. It is also when they will build stronger relationships with their friends and leaders.

Connect With Us

During Weekend Services

Saturday – 5:30pm
Sundays – 9am, 11am & 6pm

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Caleb Cubbison

Rocky Peak Kids Director

Volunteering With RPK

It takes hundreds of adult and teen volunteers to serve our children at RPK every weekend. Here at RPK we go beyond caring for kids – we minister to them weekly and help their development as young, passionate Christ-followers. Please consider being one of the many volunteers that help make this happen. Most volunteers serve at one service, every other week. For more information, email us by clicking the button below.

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