It's time to flourish!

Rich, spiritual mentoring wasn’t our idea.
It was, is, and always will be God’s plan for us, and for you.

About Flourish

FLOURISH is a mentoring journey that combines being rooted in the Word of God and learning from a woman in a different stage of her walk with Jesus. Throughout your FLOURISH journey, you will…

  • Build relationship and community with a mentor or mentee.
  • Explore what Scripture says about identity, calling, gratitude, and other relevant topics.
  • Learn to wholeheartedly love and follow Jesus.
  • Challenge how your individual story fits into God’s larger redemption story.

You can grow, or help someone grow. All you have to do is choose to start the journey.

Flourish where you're planted.


FLOURISH mentors strive to point other women to Jesus. Allow us to champion you in this honor and calling.


Learn how to bless your mentor through your role in a two-way FLOURISH mentoring relationship.

We have reached capacity and applications are now closed. If you would like to be placed on the waitlist, please email us at

The world is changing and people are changing, but the truth of Scripture remains as the anchor of our lives. As new creations who are alive in Jesus, we don’t only possess the attributes of God, but the human capacity He gave us to FLOURISH! It’s not about having a better life or even becoming the best version of ourselves—it’s about embracing our new life in Christ and listening and following Him that leads to flourishing lives, bringing God the glory!

A Scripture-based mentoring journey, FLOURISH is designed to help women grow and flourish by leading them to embrace a higher standard of intentional living, pairing them with mentors who have gone before them and are eager to help them navigate all areas of life.

The FLOURISH Study is designed to enrich your spiritual journey.

Our goal is to go deeper with Jesus and learn to live the life He has called us to. Click the button below for an example of a week in the study.

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