About the Initiative

Join us as we serve Hope Gardens Family Center for Women and Children! Hope Gardens is associated with the Union Rescue Mission. Their mission is to help single mothers transition from homelessness to independence by providing food, shelter, financial and job training, medical and dental care, family therapy, spiritual discipleship, and more. This center is located on 71 acres in the foothills of Sylmar, and serves up to 75 women and 150 children at a time. However, most of their buildings need repair or remodeling. The total cost to repair all the buildings is $325,000. Our goal is to upgrade as many of these buildings as possible. For example, the cost to remodel the dining room is $70,000, the lobby, $35,000, the lodge, $111,000, and so on. If you would like to support this initiative, you can give at the link below, in services this weekend, or by mailing it to our offices.

Giving has now closed.

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