April 8/9

Saturday at 5:30pm
Sunday at 9am & 11am

It has become commonplace, every Easter, to see the release of a new magazine or social media article, documentary or novel which questions the resurrection of Jesus. However, most reputable New Testament scholars (including those who are not followers of Jesus) agree on twelve key historical facts about Jesus’ death and resurrection. And when you piece together these twelve facts—like a jigsaw puzzle—what emerges is a compelling picture and strong evidence for the resurrection of Christ. Join us this Easter as we explore these twelve facts and their life-changing implications for our lives.

Kids programming for birth-5th grade will be available at every service!

Good Friday

Friday, April 7 at 4pm & 6pm

The curtain in the temple was a physical symbol of separation. It was a declaration that, because of sin, we were separated from God’s presence. Then Jesus’ cross came… and the curtain was torn in two. Separation from God was now in the past, and the cross of Jesus leads us back home. Join us on Good Friday as we celebrate the ongoing power of the cross to tear through anything that separates us from experiencing the love of God.

Childcare for birth through kindergarten will be available at both services. Elementary students are encouraged to attend service with their families.

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