Prayer Week

April 27 – May 5

Over the last couple months, we’ve been sensing the Holy Spirit calling us to create a stronger culture of prayer at Rocky Peak. So from April 27-May 5, we will be partnering with God to take our next steps in this journey in several ways. You can watch this video interview with Pastor Michael, or read about the various events and opportunities below.

Pursuing God... The Priority of Prayer

April 27/28 & May 4/5

When you study the life of Jesus and the early church, one thing that stands out is the high priority they placed on prayer. Prayer is one of the primary ways we pursue our personal relationship with God, but it is also one of the primary ways we partner with God to bring the kingdom of the heavens to earth. In this short series we will explore why prayer is such a priority and provide practical ways we can grow in the practice of prayer in our own lives.

Encounter: A Culture of Prayer

May 1 and 2 at 7pm

In our Encounter services, we pursue God through times of extended worship and prayer. This time we will offer two Encounters to create enough space for everyone who wants to participate. We suggest that everyone who attends a Life Group on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday attend the Wednesday Encounter, while Life Groups meeting on other days join us on Thursday. However, this is just a suggestion to help balance attendance, and you’re welcome to attend either or both nights!

Prayer Study

April 29–May 3

Monday through Friday we will be interviewing some of our pastors and directors about the ways they encounter God through prayer. These videos will appear each day at the bottom of this page throughout the week, as well as on our various social media platforms.

Prayer Walks – Tim Schoen
Awe, Thanksgiving, and Fasting – Tricia Lawley
Praying Scripture – Christy Enyart
The Lord’s Prayer – Andres Carias
Using a Prayer Language – Michael Yearley, Andy Otis & Christy Enyart

Monday • Day 1

Prayer Walks

High School Pastor Tim Schoen talks about how Prayer Walks can be a powerful prayer practice.

Tuesday • Day 2

Awe, Thanksgiving, and Fasting

Life Group Director Tricia Lawley gives insight into the practice of fasting.

Wednesday • Day 3

Praying Scripture

Life Group Director Christy Enyart shares examples of how to pray through scripture.

Thursday • Day 4

The Lord’s Prayer

Pastor Andres “Dre” Carias walks through how to use The Lord’s Prayer as a prayer practice.

Friday • Day 5

Using a Prayer Language

Pastor Michael Yearley, Life Group Pastor Andy Otis, and Life Group Director Christy Enyart discuss using a Prayer Language.

Other Prayer Experiences

Prayer Walk

Monday, April 29 at 6pm
Meet on the Worship Center Patio

We will be walking our campus and praying for every ministry at Rocky Peak, including kids, students, adults, and more. We’ll pray that God will stir a passion for him in each of these ministries, specifically to pursue him through prayer.

All-Church Fast

24-Hour Fast: 7pm Tuesday – 7pm Wednesday (suggested). Option to begin earlier and break the fast before Encounter.

One of the ways we “super-charge” our prayers is through fasting. Fasting is a way of saying, “God, I’m so hungry for you and your will, that I’m willing to go without food to pursue you more.” It’s a beautiful way that God can use to deepen our pursuit of him.

If you’ve never fasted before, you can read our guide to fasting at the link below.

National Day of Prayer

Thursday, May 2 at 12pm • The Ridge

Our primary focus at this service will be to pray for our nation and the church in America, that we would be the light of the world and lead a revival in our nation. The service will be livestreamed on YouTube for anyone who isn’t able to make it to campus.

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