Leadership Resources

One of the top priorities of the Life Group Team is to equip each of you as leaders in such a way that you are freed up to lead well. To that end, on this page you will find a list of resources that will help you grow as well as help you develop new leaders.

If you have a question about something you don’t see here, please let us know at lifegroups@rockypeak.org.

Position Focus Leader

Position Focus Host


Covenant (In Person)

Covenant (Virtual)

Leadership FAQs

Why do I have new people on my roster?

People are added to your roster during online sign ups and weekend patio sign ups. The number of new people added to your group is based on the number of “openings” that you communicated to us via the group update form.

How do I post attendance for my group?

Each week you will receive an email reminder to post your Life Group attendance. If you would rather receive a text reminder, you can set that up via your GroupVitals account. The first question in the email is whether or not your group met that week. Once you click that you met, you will be taken to your Life Group roster, everyone’s name will be “checked”, simply ”uncheck” the members that were not present and then click the submit button.

How do I make changes to the details of my group?

Most changes should be done by emailing lifegroups@rockypeak.org so that we are aware of any changes that are being made. There are a couple things we ask that you not change: your picture, your group name and the address of the group.

Will everyone in my group need to create a GroupVitals account?

None of your non-leader group members will have a GroupVitals account. Your apprentice leader and coordinator should have a GroupVitals account.

What is GroupVitals?

GroupVitals is a leadership and Life Group sign up tool that we use during Life Group sign ups and as an ongoing administration tool for all of our Life Group Leaders, Coordinators and Apprentices.

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