Our Story

In the summer of 1977, 325 visionary believers launched a new church to reach the San Fernando Valley. They had no pastor and no place to call their own, but felt God calling them to step out in faith to launch a movement. For the first few years they bounced from location to location, but as they served together and sought God’s will for their lives, they eventually purchased nearly 80 acres of property in Chatsworth, CA. This location would become known as The Church at Rocky Peak.

In 1988, the first church buildings were completed and the full congregation was able to meet on the property. Then in 1997, 45 additional acres were purchased with plans to construct a new worship center to meet the needs of a growing congregation. Throughout the decades, God continued to move at Rocky Peak in powerful ways, bringing in people with all kinds of gifts and talents to serve in His kingdom for His glory.

In the spring of 2005, Michael Yearley was called to serve as the next Lead Pastor. As the new leader, he was asked what his vision was for the church and he replied that vision isn’t something we create–it is something we discover and receive from God by listening and then following. The church elders and leadership would spend the next several years seeking after what God was calling them to do and what it meant to pursue God with a full heart, experience Him in worship, and be transformed to be like him in our relationships. They wanted to share the message of Christ in new and creative ways with those who didn’t know him. 

Over the last four decades, God has led us in an amazing journey of transformation. The vision He has given us is to unleash a movement of passionate Christ-followers who are pursuing God, loving people, serving sacrificially and sharing Christ. We are excited to see where He is going to lead us as we continue to listen and follow as He charts a course for our future transformation. 

Rocky Peak 40th Anniversary

In the fall of 2017, Rocky Peak celebrated our 40th anniversary. We put together a short documentary that takes you on a journey through the years of our church’s history.

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